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Hello! I wanted to create an interactive story, but how do I do it if there is no organizational chart? So I thought about creating three options (or more) at the end of each chapter, one of which would be for the readers to choose. They could then influence the course of the story chapter by chapter. I also wanted them to take part in the dialogues and even become one of the created characters, but I don’t think I can do it... not on Scribay anyway! It would take a permanent chat, which is a bit complicated. However, if I see regular readers, I will let them offer me a piece of a script or a scene they would like to read. Possibly the entire creation of a new character appearing in the next chapter!

As for the options, I would choose the one that comes up the most in the comments and if equal, roll the dice. But be careful, the options do not all lead to good situations, on the contrary... and only good situations can prevent the main character from losing a moon point in each chapter!

Indeed, there are ten at the beginning, so it is up to you to be careful not to let the story stop (and another will be launched, in the same context, or elsewhere, everything depends on your affinity with).

A good situation means: increasing affinity with a character (indicated at the top of the chapter, such as moon points, or PL); obstacle overcome; riddle solved; useful and interesting find, etc.

A bad situation means: downward affinity; closing trap...

To begin, let’s present the context that will be used: Unknown date, unknown place, sort of parallel space where anything would be possible.

The Du Pinson manor has always had an excellent reputation. Whether it is a celebration, a grand celebration, or the excellent relations of its owners with other aristocrats, the place never ceases to attract new visitors, old friends, good customers.

Indeed, Mister and Madam du Pinson run a fruit liqueur business, a legacy whose beginnings date back two centuries. Their liqueurs are so good, so sweet in the mouth that you can’t help but order them. However, their recipe is very secret. There are many people of more or less great influence who dream of getting it! Each attempt has been cleverly postponed until now, in an unclear manner. After all, this manor has something strange: Mister and Madam du Pinson have only two servants, two lovely twins, but only two and never a speck of dust has been observed, just like the garden which is perfectly maintained (a garden yet so wide). The meals are gargantuan and perfect and the duke and duchess have a frightening youth. Are they not already forty years old?

Every month, the mansion receives. The monthly feast is matched only by those of King George who does not see with a very good eye this success that he does not have. Of course, he is king. Why, then, does he feel like a piece in the strange puzzle drawn by the Du Pinson? They are the only ones in the newspapers, the rich only drink their fabulous drinks, and the people admire them, worship them or fear them in secret.

This month, once again, ambitious, thieves and scammers will try to snatch the mystery of fruity liqueurs. However, an unforeseen event will create chaos... who will benefit, who will suffer? A being from another world will find himself thrown into this environment sometimes anachronistic, sometimes fantastic or terribly frightening, trapped in the cogs of the manor during the big party. But he/she will not be himself ! He/she will take possession of an existing body, whose characteristics will not necessarily be human.

Here are the characters in which you will be projected, according to your answers!

A. Sahara, sixteen years old, princess, daughter of King George, whose mother of Arab origin is an unloved concubine, previously a slave. Her golden skin, her large lacustrine-green almond eyes and her graceful doll stature provoke jealousy among her numerous half-sisters. Rejected by her peers, except by her mother and few others, she suffers in silence and seeks only happiness. Her physical and affable character, however, pleased many young men. Noticing this, her father decides to send her to the manor, following the usual invitation, in order to seduce the duke himself, spy on him and extract some precious information...

B. Pumpkin the red cat with white legs, half wild. He lives in the garden and the outskirts of the manor. He is a shy but brazen cat when it comes to food. The servants like him and always leave him a bowl behind the outside closet near the big greenhouse.

C. Eliott Altoviti, only son of the Altoviti and assiduous gentleman. He is the image of the perfect son-in-law, but has never shown any interest in any young woman. His delicate manners and his fiery gaze have made more than one fade. We don’t know what he thinks most of the time. His parents are much appreciated by the theatrical circles, good-natured, happy marquis, hardly ambitious, unlike their son who aims only at the throne, hoping to make one of the king’s princess fall in love (of course, he would prefer one of the two heiresses, but they are already promised). He hid his game well and followed his parents to the monthly feast of the manor of Du Pinson only out of habit, hoping however to meet there members of the royalty. He will soon be twenty-three years old.

D. Arlo Coldobar, an old merchant who did his time. It has no title, but it still manages to penetrate the garden of the manor, dressed in its most beautiful tailcoat thirty years old, slightly worn on the edges. The twins let him through we don’t really know why. Around the end of the evening, he settles in the garden, under a pergola, and plays a violin tune for transient lovers passing by. Arlo was famous in his youth, a big crook and a womanizer. A surprise attack by a creditor bringing him the monstrous debts of his late father - an incredible drinker - made him lock up his clothing and gadgets shop. Perhaps the twins tolerate it thanks to the jewels he never fails to bring them.

E. Nao Nao, a twenty-year-old Chinese with a devastating charm. Nao Nao is a nickname. It seems that she is not quite human, considering the antennae of insects that she conceals under a broad cap. Her eyes also have something strange, as if the pupil was not quite round. Looks like she can hear and see better than her human counterparts. We never see her without the baron of flowers, so called because of his extravagant and multicoloured clothes. He is a formidable politician. Nao Nao seems to be his mistress, however, many rumors circulate about her.

F. The little Marine, called Marioune, eight years old, viscountess. With a cheery nature, very playful, an intelligence superior to her age and a culture highly appreciated by the adults met, she always eagerly awaits "the feast of the manor". Her appearance unfortunately frightens other children who never want to be in her company. Marine is albino and her white hair, the only effect of this genetics, marginalize her. She likes Pumpkin a lot and never fails to sneak around the mansion, without ever escaping the eyes of the twins who always manage, in one way or another, to bring her back to her parents.

Make your choice! See you soon, I hope (wish me good luck, it will be something if we really get into it! ) You only have to answer with the chosen letter, it will be enough :-) Do not hesitate to make improvements to the game and reading. Sorry in advance for the mistakes, I will do my best. Pffffiou, this introduction got me down ! 0w0




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J'adore parler toute seule, tout le temps.
J'adore aussi me répondre, débattre avec moi-même de façon virulente ; commenter mes propres entreprises avec acidité.
Et puis des fois, je balance une phrase, comme ça, dans l'instant et, tout haut, je me rends compte que ça ne veut strictement rien dire.
Là, même les murs me jugent...

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