Gaul, a The Legend of Spyro™ novel (and fanfiction)

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Disclaimer: learn English a bit before reading that. And, most important, The Legend of Spyro™ isn't a licence I don't own and I am not assossiated with the companies that have the copyrights. Then, this means this work isn't made for profit but is just the crop of a passionate fan: it is a fanfiction published on the Internet for free and only made for you to enjoy reading a story. I then have the autorisation to do that with the Fair Use.

The Legend of Spyro, this heroic purple dragon that saved the world from Malefor, the Dark Master and first known Purple Dragon. But, before that, he also fought his two main minions: Cynder, the Terror of The Skies and a dark and red beautiful dragoness, and Gaul, the strong and great Ape King.

But, now, let's change the point of view. Maybe those vilains acted with their own reasons. Maybe Good and Evil are just vague and subjective concepts. Maybe things are not always what they seem.

Did you questioned yourself about all of that? Good...

Because, now, prepare to see the other side. Because, now, prepare to see the tragedy of Gaul, the Ape King.
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