Chapitre 2 : Fuck to pay...

3 minutes de lecture

The car drove slowly, up the alley .Everybody was standing in front of the door to welcome the visitors: father, mother, and teen daughter.

Cathy was magnificent: she dressed and behaved just like the well-educated, classy, platinum blonde she expected to be .Her wonderful, expensive, blue designer dress was smart but decent. She welcomed the two men, with a perfect smile.

She whispered: “they look like gangsters!

- Of course : they are gangsters !“

Philip had told her the whole story, the night before.

For months, he had played poker! In the end, he just played to get his money back, but , eventually he had lost everything , his bank account , his house , the jewelry .

“ Last time, I tried to come back and, I ended with a million dollars recognition of debts .

-And the police?

-The whole stuff was illegal from the start, and they can prove, I’ve stolen money at my job, just to play poker .

-And your parents?

- They do have the money: that’s why, you found me so attractive , but they will never pay !


- They have accepted my deal... “

They did not answer our words of welcome, they just looked at my wife and whistled:

“What a fuck.! Hey you, little bitch, turn round !

-My god, I love her butt and her dress, she looks like a model.

- You, little asshole, you’re a lucky boy “

Philip let them in. He was puzzled, he did not expect them to be so vulgar, so direct. Most of all, he felt strange about the attitude of the younger creditor , the young boy , at least 20 years younger than him , was staring at him ,showing his red tongue.

Inside the house, Cathy tried to be as casual as possible:

“ Make yourself at home

-Of course, we will, you sperm bag;"

Cathy blushed, nobody had never spoken to her like that, and she loved it.

Half an hour later the scene had quite changed. Cathy was down on her knees crying, her dress torn up, her hair was red, full of dirty pasta.

They were spanking her, and she was forced to eat the pasta, flavored with urine, on all fours, while fingering herself her asshole.

Apart their vicious look to his virgin daughter, they had a quite amazing polite behavior!.But everything had gone wrong when Cathy had served the cheap meal : they became mad , full of rage !

They had made her fall on the floor. The beautiful dress had been cut into pieces, his wife covered with pasta, and they had urinated on her , on the floor and had yelled :”Eat , little tight-fisted slut ! We wanted a good meal, you deserve that ! “

Meanwhile, the young gay boy was masturbating Philip . The instructions were clear “ If you ejaculate , you’ll get buggered “ .

It was so hard. He felt so hot: his narrow minded ,clannish ,arrogant , self-concerned wife was humiliated to death ...

He had noticed that Cindy was fingering herself, and he felt he was about to ejaculate, he just could not resist that male jerk off .My god, it was so good, if that was the punishment, he was going to play poker for years ....

Cindy got completely naked, tasting her dad’s cock while both her parents were roughly sodomized. She just hated her mother and laughed when she heard her mother beg the older creditor : “She’s a virgin ! Have some respect!

-Shut up mom, you stink! Don’t listen to that old dirty slut: fuck me !!!! ”

Her mom and dad licked her, while her red blood mixed with the pasta.

Philip implored for a blowjob, and went wild when he swallowed the tasty juice.

“ Time to leave .

-Don’t forget the cleaning , this house is a pigsty !

- Sorry, old dude , I won’t screw you again ...

- Yes , we helped your wealthy parents to have an accident : sorry for the promised heritage ,the money is for us. Sorry Mrs Spencer , You wanted to be a Lady, You've lost everything.

- It was just for fun: you did not have to fuck to pay ...



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